A Vision for your home

A Vision for your home

SANKALPA = Intention formed by the heart and mind Sankalpa is an old Sanskrit word within the yoga-tradition. The word means “your intention formed by the heart and mind” and goes a little deeper than an intention. You are to feel it in your heart and your emotions,...

It’s Spring! 6 steps to a new start.

It’s spring! The flower buds have begun to open and are starting to flower. To make the most of the dynamic new power of the spring, make sure there is ample room for it. It’s time to get out of winter mode, open up, and stretch toward the emerging sunlight. The...

Ready to create a home and a life that you love? Your home is a mirror of your life. When you understand the impact your home has on your life, you will do the necessary adjustments so that you can live in a home that feels like a safe sanctuary. Sign up and I will show you how.

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