Are you sick and tired of too much stuff in your home? Too much on the to-do list? Too many commitments?

Do you feel overwhelmed in life? Are you longing for time? Time to breath? Time to be you?

Imagen that you live in a beautiful home, surrounded only by the things you love. How will that feel?

Your home is a living, vibrating field of energy. It needs your care and love, just as much as anything else. Do you feel that your home supports your life? Does it help you reach your dreams and goals? Or do you feel that your home drains you of energy? Do you get recharged or frustrated when you come home?

It takes 21 days to change your habits 

Our habits shapes our life
Much of our daily lives are taken up by habits that we've formed over a lifetime.

A habit is automatic and we don't always recognize the habits in our own behavior.

​​​​​​​Studies show that about 40% of people's daily activities are performed each day in almost the same manner; people tend to do the same task, in the same way each day.But does it have to be like that?

Change your habits change your life
If you want to change your life you need to change your habit. It takes roughly 21 days to break a habit and this is why we are working with 21 days.

The first step to implement a new habit it is break the old one. In my 21 Day Declutter Bootcamp you receive small habit changing tasks each day that help you break your old habits in your home, mind, and soul. To receive something new – you need to let go of the old.


Decluttering with Nina is one of the best things I've done for myself in years. She has taught me how to work systematically from area to area in my life. Now, when I look around me, I feel an inner calm within myself.  Nina is right: it's chaos to have too many things around you and it brings chaos inside of you, too.


Just thinking about organizing my home made me worn out. With Nina's support, I was able to get simple steps to start. It's not just about tidying the home - but changing your habits. That’s what is unique about Nina's course. Life feels easier with fewer things. It’s less heavy. I deeply recommended this life changing course.


The Declutter course with Nina was a great help to clean up in old stuff that was stored in my basement for years. The course provides practical input and is a good motivation to get started and continue with the process. I certainly recommend this awareness-raising course!

It takes 21 days to break a Habit and if you want to change and simplify your life, you need to work with your mind, your home and your soul. 21 Day Declutter Bootcamp is designed to break your old habits that is not working. Every day you get an email with a fun sheet. You get access to a member only site where you can watch a short inspirational video for each day. There is also a guided meditation for your morning rituals..

This is what you will get:
1. The basis for an organized home.
2. Where to start and how to move on?
3. Organized desk and clear carrier.
4. Healthy bedroom and deep dreams.
5. Simplify your rooms. 
1.The power of NO.
2. The magic of starting small.
3. Disconnect so you can reconnect.
4. Get a clear intuition.
5. Clear communication and the power of authenticity.  

1. Morning rituals that connect you with your soul.
2. Clear intuition by clearing out other people's opinion.
3. Mindfulness as a daily practise.
4. Hygge is the Nordic way of creating a space that supports you.


You might think...what if I can’t go through the 21 days? I am going on holiday! Or maybe you think, I know I’ll be busy or have visitors. Or, what if my life gets in the way?

Don’t worry. If one of these ‘what if’ reasons come, you can pause the emails. Every email has both a ‘pause’ and a ‘restart’ button. If you feel that after the 21 days, you’d like to go through it one more time – you just click on the button on the final day and restart the program!


I was born in Norway, a country with a lot of clean nature and fresh air. My home and life was always in chaos. In my late 30s, I came into a very challenging time of my life. Some would say I hit a wall. I will say I got a wakeup call. I was not living the life I was supposed to live, and I had too much noise around me to be able to listen to my intuition. What I learned that clutter is notice, and clutter comes in many forms.  

When I woke up in a green hospital room a hot summer day in 1999, I knew I had pushed myself to hard and that if I was going to come back to my life, I needed to take different choices. I decided to make choices that supported life. And started to study energy and how it affects us both with eastern and western teachers. I am NLP coach, Feng Shui Expert, studied with the best Masters in Hong Kong and Singapore, and studied symbols and archetypes with Caroline Myss. My biggest teacher is the nature, and how we can embrace the natural law into our lives as a way if inner peace. That is my passion and I love to inspire people to listen to their intuition and find their unique path. To do that you need to remove distractions in your life and in your home. In the end it comes back to take care of ourselves.  


The declutter Bootcamp is for you that: 

#Feel your life is to filled up with stuff.
#Are willing to create some new habits.
#Can put aside 20 - 30 minutes daily.
#Want to increase awareness in your life.​​​​​​​#Dream of a simpler life.
#Are ready to think differently.
​​​​​​​#Feel that there something more to this life 

The Declutter Bootcamp is NOT for you that: 

#Are not willing to add some effort.
#Think that an organized life is just to move your stuff around.
#Can not put aside 20 - 30 minutes daily.
#Don't like change.
#Do not want to take responsibility for you life.
#Think that everything happens by itself.

What is the price for 21 Day Declutter Bootcamp?

21 Day Declutter Bootcamp will give you a daily inspiration to change your life in 21 days. If you feel you like to take the program several times - just re-start the emails. If you need to take a break you can pause the emails, In addition, you get access to the member site and to our closed Facebook group.  For all this you pay only $298.00.

But, if you are serious about breaking your habits, and create space for your dreams I have good news for you. Buy the program before midnight and you  PAY ONLY  $97 

I believe in people taking action. If you’d like to change your home and your life, you need to take action. That's why I so strongly believe in you if you act not. If you wait, this special offer goes away. The only time is now, tomorrow is a concept and yesterday is a memory. 


If you feel after a week of trying my program that it doesn’t work for you, don’t worry. Simply send us an email, and we will return your money, no questions asked. 21 Day Declutter Bootcamp is a program designed to help you; if it doesn’t, you simply get you money back. With no question. Just send us an email.