The elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water, are the foundation for Feng Shui balance and play a significant role in creating the perfect environment.

Every element is related to a season, a color, a taste, a feeling. Everything in life can be organized according to the five elements, and when we adjust to the rhythm of the element that dominates the season, we will be more balanced in life.

Summer is the season of fire, in Norway, we are celebrating the summer solstice with a huge bonfire, that was last month, and here in Norway, we have had burning sun ever since. It’s a little too much; people are almost starting to dance rain dance, longing for cooler weather. Living with Feng Shui means to live with the seasons. Rest in nature’s energies and use what is here and now to be in tune with the seasons. The summer’s energy is magical, and often magic happens around us all of the time.

7 tips to open the Magic of Summer


# 1. The magic of Laughter

“Fake it to you make it” is a popular mantra. In India and many other places in the world, they start their day with something called ‘laughter yoga.’ In my own life, I work with female inmates in Indonesia, and one of the things I do with the woman is Laughter Yoga. Laughter is infectious. If you decide to see the comedy in a situation, it is often enough to help lighten it a little. Laughter supports well-being. It allows the feel-good chemicals to enter our brains.

# 2. The magic of the Heart

Open up your heart and share what you have without expecting anything in return. Listen, be present, and love unconditionally. The energies of the summer fire element are love and joy. Be vulnerable, be open, and be who you are. The only way you can give unconditional love is to be vulnerable without a filter. The heart has magic power, and we have access to it every single day of our lives. The magic power of the heart is more powerful than we have ever imagined. Now, science has also begun to prove this claim. Researchers have found that the heart has 100 times greater electromagnetic energy than the brain. In the heart there are particular cells called neural cells; initially, we believed these to only exist in the brain, but the heart is part of the brain and has a memory that communicates with the rest of the body.

# 3. The magic of Flowers

Go outside in the wild and witness the miracles of nature. Flowers have natural uplifting energy. Everything is energy and flowers vibrate at high frequencies. When we surround ourselves with high-frequency energy, we will also feel more uplifted. Flowers hold the highest energy in the plant world. It’s not just the beautiful shapes and colors that affect us. When we look at a flower, something happens to us. We reflect on the beauty of our soul. Bring flowers from outside into your home or office whenever possible.

# 4. The Magic of Nature

We are part of nature and nature is part of us. Take off your shoes and feel that you connected with the energy of the earth. This energy can heal you and brings you into the here and now. Not only does it feel great to feel the cool grass underneath of your feet, but it also cleanses the electromagnetic stress that we are exposed to on a daily basis and brings us closer to nature.

# 5. The Magic of Beautiful Food

A salad is cool for the body. Right now, in the summer months, you can almost get lost in so many different varieties of delicious salads. Use flowers in your salads and invite this same beauty into the dining area. Flowers are not only beautiful, but they taste great! Dandelions taste like Rocket salad. Did you know that drinking tea made from dandelion flowers is a free and simple detox cure? Take a look around and pick some dandelions; miracles are plentiful!

# 6. The magic of less

The summer night is bright and warm. Sit outside and enjoy the heat! If it’s chilly where you are, wrap yourself up with a blanket and enjoy the fresh air. It’s the little things that bring us happiness, after all. Remember, everything is energy, and when we are open to receiving these little magical reminders, we start sensing them everywhere! When you feel grateful because you have a life and a body, you begin to open your heart to love (and it doesn’t matter if you have a partner or not!). Summer energy is the heart energy.

There are so many amazing smells, scents, and visions to enjoy in the summer. It can sometimes feel more natural to be present during these warmer months. Enjoy these hot, long, lazy days.

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