#1 Keep a journal

Find a notebook and use it as your journal about tidying. Make a table of contents on the first page which you can fill in as you write. A good tip is to stay away from post-it notes which will result in clutter. Put a page number on every page so you can keep track of your writing; there is no need to buy a notebook with page numbers already written as they are easy to fill in. This is where you can write WHEN you are planning to complete the tasks written in part 3. Do you find that life gets in the way sometimes? Don’t give up! Moving tasks around is completely fine. The goal is for you to feel free, not become a perfectionist.

#2. Keep track of your progress

To tidy up is both an internal and external process. After every task, note down what happens – what was easy and what was difficult? How does creating order in your life make you feel? What is different? Use your journal and make notes as you go along. Remember that you are on a journey of discovery.

#3. Put yourself in a positive state

I believe that one of the reasons tidying up is so difficult for many is that we associate it with something negative. Your state of mind controls how you view the world, how you behave and how you think. When you are in a positive state, you also have your strongest resources with you! When you feel happy, this will positively influence other people around, your challenges become smaller and you will reach your goals faster. I have often used music to lighten my mood. Find out how you can put yourself in an uplifted state of mind.

#4. Do one thing at a time

The key to success is inconsistency. You need to let go of the idea that you can do everything all at once. Complete one task at a time. If you’re feeling tired, focus on what you can do and give yourself some credit for it rather than focusing on everything you wish you would have done.

#5. Listen to what your intuition is telling you

Your intuition is always right. In order to live up to your full potential, you need to listen to your inner self and let go of what is holding you back; this may be people, places or things. Listen and try to feel what’s weighing you down, and then let go.

#6. Look at your mess without judging it

It is only when you are able to accept yourself as you are that you will be able to look at the things you’ve accumulated over the years, without judging yourself. Remember that holding on to outdated things also means you are holding on to the past. This will make it difficult to open up to new things and find your new flow in life.

#7. Celebrate  

Once you finish a task, give yourself a reward (but this does not mean running to the nearest mall to buy more things!). I give you some suggestions under every task.

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