Most of us have a place we call home. But have you ever asked yourself – what is the intention of my home? What do I want my home to give me? What do I need from my home? What can I give to my home?

If you want to change direction in your life you need to know where to go. Our home is a living, vibrating field of energy. It needs your care and love, just as much as anything else. Do you feel that your home supports your life? Does it help you reach your dreams and goals? Or do you feel that your home drains you of energy? Do you get recharged or frustrated when you come home?


In the yogic tradition, there is an old Sanskrit word (one of the oldest languages in the world used widely within the yoga tradition, among other things) SANKALPA. It means your “heartfelt desire”.

Sankalpa is a little deeper than an intention. You need to feel it in your heart, not only in your mind. Close your eyes and think of the feeling you need in your home. Do you need to feel safe? Inspired? What is the most important for you right now?

Find pen and paper and write down your Sankalpa – your heartfelt desire for your home. Sankalpa is like your vision. But it is deeper. Because in Sankalpa you listen to your heart.

Thank you for following my work, and I look forward to continuing to inspire you through my blog, course, and webinar.



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