A Boutique Hotel is a place that has a distinctive charm. Often, smaller hotels have a certain kind of attribute. They have a unique combination of beauty and harmony that draw inspiration from nature or the artistic influences that surround them. I often stay at these types of hotels on my travels. They inspire me to write about simplicity and beauty. These places spend a lot of time on the details of their decors but, somehow, they always come up with simplicity.

Allow these spaces to influence the layout of your home and invite these details into your space. Let yourself be inspired! Get A little GLAM / luxury feel at home every day. Life can be customary but when we are living every day with BEAUTY, it becomes MAGIC.

Here are 8 tips to achieve the boutique-hotel- feeling at home.

#1. Simplicity

Simplicity is to have confidence. “Less is more” has become a mantra for many. Simplicity is used to emphasize each and every detail of beauty. It’s hard to see beauty when it’s drowning in everything you’ve been trying to get rid of. Having too many things creates a disturbing state. Decide to get rid of what you do not need, it’s parallel to having trust and confidence in life which only people are born with.

When every ad tells us that all we need is to be good enough, we need to properly learn trust and confidence. Trust is a daily exercise that comes with practice, it has to be trained and learned. By the same token, confidence does not fall from the sky by itself. It’s also a daily job.

#2. Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers are a must for me in my home. If I am in a hotel, I even bring a bouquet of flowers with me. Flowers bring in a specific kind of high-frequency energy which is one of nature’s amazing miracles.

Repetition has an exciting effect as well. Take the same vase with the same flower and arrange in a row. Here, ten flowers are used in ten vases. It creates a completely different atmosphere than putting ten roses all in the same vase. Practice playing with the elements. Think new, think differently. Challenge what you always do.

#3. Smell

Burn incense, use scented candles, trigger the senses. There are smells for every mood. In the previous years, I lived three houses down from a large Buddhist temple on the tropical island of Sri Lanka. Each morning, the smoke smell covered the neighbourhood like a blanket. It put me in a good mood for the day. At present, I burn incense and light in front of my two goddesses from Bali. Decide what mood you want and buy incense.

#4. Brew tea in a pot

I am a passionate tea lover. Every morning, I draw a can of my favourite green tea which I drink throughout the day. Eventually, it becomes strong and cold and I replenish it with hot water. The leaves can be used several times. Go to one of the speciality stores for tea and buy quality tea. Although it can be costly upfront, it is worth it to buy in bulk. It will last you for a long time. Get a kettle and a teapot. Enjoy. Tea tasting is as complex as wine tasting. Odour, colour, and aftertaste are all carefully considered when selecting tea.

#5. Use linen napkins.

I use my linen napkins almost every day. It gives me a good feeling each time I use them. Living alone, far away from Norway for many years, sometimes brought feelings of overwhelming loneliness. It’s always up to me how I would handle such feelings. I could sit and feel sorry for myself, order a take-out pizza, and sit inside online. Or, I could be extra kind to myself. Make good healthy food, carefully think about and focus on everything that I have to be grateful for. We can always go for the better option.

#6. Drink water out of your finest glass.

Why should the wine glasses only be used for wine? Take them out and use them every day. Water with a lemon slice in a nice glass while sitting and working a Monday morning does the trick. I once lived in California with an old lady who used her finest crystal glass for the orange juice for breakfast. “I’d rather enjoy them now, and I’m sure my daughter will break them in a few years,” said Pat.

#7. Candles 

It’s simple: living light creates an atmosphere. Use anything from oil lamps or old candlesticks. Use what you have. Do not leave these things at the bottom of the closet. Take them out and use them. If there is anything in your cupboards that you don’t like, give them away. Do not let it take up space in your home

#8. Mix rugged and elegance.

Even though I love simplicity, I also like to take in gold and glamour. These things can be easily attained. Concrete and gold leaves are often nice together. Do you have anywhere in your home you can glow up a little? Buy gold, and mix rough and elegance. The Swedish expression of, ‘not too much, not too little,’ applies here.

We do not have to be on vacation to make use of the little oases that exist around us. Be sure to have a couple of hours in the calendar where you can do exactly what you want. If you don’t have time, think about how to re-organize your calendar so that you can give yourself a little ‘Boutique feeling’ in your daily life. It’s everyday that matters. Everyday, these ‘everydays’ all add up and become our lives. I overheard a woman once who had just retired and she was saying how she would never go back into her job location again. I thought, “Oh my gosh, she has felt so bad in her everyday life for so long”. She stayed at her job for so long and spent so much of her precious time there.”

Do you want to boost the energy of your home this spring? Join me at the Spring Clearing webinar, where I give my best tips to clean up all the old stagnated energy in your home. The first step is to get rid of everything “messed up” that interferes with your surroundings. Start with what you do not use. Look into your heart and see what you do not love and do not like. Get to the bottom of why you haven’t gotten rid of these things yet. The biggest problem I see in the hundreds of homes I’ve worked in is that there are too many things. Start eliminating things out of your home and your life and you will see that there is space for what you do want in your life. There will be room for what your heart longs for.

Thank you for following my blog and thank you for helping me share it. We do not need more things to be happy. We need to take advantage of the opportunities that lie right in front of our nose. Also, you may need to get rid of what you do not care about.

Ready to create a home and a life that you love? Your home is a mirror of your life. When you understand the impact your home has on your life, you will do the necessary adjustments so that you can live in a home that feels like a safe sanctuary. Sign up and I will show you how.

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