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organize your home from inside out and live in harmony with  inner peace 
Show up LIVE and I will answer all your questions!
   Tuesday, February 23 at 8 pm Eastern Time    
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In this Masterclass I share:
  1. What is clutter and what are the underlying reasons for clutter?
  2. Why is it so hard to get started?
  3. Easy hacks for making decluttering a fun experience?
  4. Why you are “doomed to fail” if you intend on fixing everything!
  5. Why NO is the first step to success, regardless of what you wish to archive!
  6. Why is decluttering your life so important to create a better lifestyle!

I’m Nina Wolther, a feng shui-expert and author of the Norwegian bestseller "The Yoga of Decluttering". From my experience working in hundreds of homes in the US, Europe and Asia I have observed that people tend to struggle with the same sort of problems. Simply put – we own too many things. This includes physical objects as well as those items  on our never-ending to-do list. Too many things  disrupts the flow in our lives.

We don’t need more to be happy, we need less. 

If you start getting rid of everything that  you don’t need, you create space for what  gives you vitality. This book shows you the secret to leading a more simple life. A life in which you have  more of what you love and less of what you do not love.  In living simply you can live with more peace in your life.    

Clutter is not only your stuff, it is what stands between you and the living vibrant life that surrounds you.