Nina Wolther

I am Feng Shui expert Nina Wolther. Feng Shui is really a theory about everything. Feng Shui is about connecting with the natural laws and the understanding of how energies work. It is about using nature’s own resources that surrounds us in a gentle way to support us in life and home.

My education is from the best Feng Shui Masters in the world. I have traveled around in Asia to study with them. The Eastern culture has become such a part of my life that today I have my home in Colombo, Sri Lanka, a small tropical island south of India. From here I have a short distance to Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan where I go to get inspiration from the “Big Masters”.

What can I do for you?
You are unique. Your journey is very special. We are all born with some unique gifts. Something only you can do. I cannot find these gifts for you, but my intention is to inspire you to find them yourself. To open up our unique gifts, we need certain conditions. Just like a plant needs water and fertile soil to grow and prosper, we need environment that supports us to flourish. Our home are like the earth where we plant our seed and grow. That’s why we need a home that supports us.

Your home is a reflection of your life. If you start to make changes in your home your life will change. One of the main problems I meet as an Feng Shui expert in peoples home see is too much “stuff” that blocks the energy. If the house is blocked – we will be blocked in our life.

Through my blog I will give you inspiration to take the eastern holistic mindset into your home and life to live a life that sparkles with energy and joy. I give you inspiration to a healthy lifestyle, Feng Shui tips, and I share from my everyday life in the East.

My goal is to inspire you to see the magic in everyday life. To see the extra ordinary in the ordinary. I get inspired by the people in the rural villages in Sri Lanka. They live their simple lives. But I’ve never seen so much laughter and joy anyplace I have been.

What some takes for granted – is exotic for others. Imagine if we could wake up every day and see the world as a child, with new curious eyes. In my bathroom I have a poster that says, “This day will never come again.” It reminds me to see the magic in everyday life.

About me

Born with an entrepreneur gene, and have never been an employee. I have always been self employed and given birth to new projects and ideas.

My artistic Soul that has always been absorbed by colors, design and form and I was to restless to sit quiet in school and stopped after ninth grade and educated as an hairdresser, makeup artist and stylist.

I had my flower shop, organized a private kindergarten with 40 kids. Competed in bodybuilding, been a taxi driver in Oslo, washed floors in offices, and been a packer in the local supermarket. Love to learn, but are to rebellious to follow the mainstream.

Most of my life I “looked at the bright side of life” and was always thinking – this too will pas. But in my late 30s, I came into a very challenging time in my life. Some would say I hit a wall- I would say I met the dark night of my soul. I knew I wasn’t living my life’s purpose but my strategy had always been to avoid the truth. But we can’t run away from life. Neither can

One hot summer day I woke up in a green hospital room. I had pushed myself so far down it was possible to get. I knew then that if I was going to come back to my life, I needed to take different choices. I decided to make choices that supported life. Slow down the speed and start to listen to my small little inner

One of my convictions is that crises can be a gift. Our crises can take us to a better place. But no one teaches you that crisis helps your growth. You get some Prozac and are asked to go on with your life. But pain can be our teacher. And when we learn to listen inside we will know what to do, when to stop and when to go.

My teachers

I have been blessed to meet the right teacher at the right time. It have been many of them And all have formed me as the person and teacher I am today.

Sissel Tvedte at the Jupiter center helped me in my deepest crisis and almost forced me to start teaching. I taught in deep breath work and rebirthing at Jupiter Center together with Sissel eight years.

Master Chan Kun Wah was my first Feng Shui Master. Master Chan lives and breathes feng shui. He gave me the foundation for my Feng Shui and Chinese astrology knowledge and though me to see the natural rhythm behind everything.

Caroline Myss taught me to understand the symbols and see the symbolic patterns behind every event and every happening. There is a natural rhythm that is life. Caroline gave my in depth understanding of this natural law in her institute CMED and thought me how to do archetype readings and to be an Archetype Consultant.

Events that have shaped me
I have seen the light twice, one time when I woke up in the hospital in Norway, the second time when I burst my appendix and hade peritonitis in a little dusty village in South India.

Moved to Asia and live in another culture. It has been a blessing and a curse. One way to get to know yourself is to leave everything familiar. Move to an unknown place. Surround yourself with unknown people and you get forced to meet the deeper part of your own inner being.

I have a son, he has grown up, but anyone who has given birth knows that it changes you as a human being.

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