Terry Jonhsen

My profession takes me to over 30 countries, and in 30 years of my work I have met some very interesting, insightful and creative people.

In the Spring of 2013, I first began working with Nina.  I can enthusiastically say that she embodies all of the creative and professional qualities that you and I would hope that we ourselves had!   She has a nearly endless stream of creative ideas that she expertly transforms and produces into her seminars and on-line courses.

Yet, what I would say is her most important quality is that she practices what she preaches, and works hard and diligently on her evolving self-development.  It is beautiful that one can find a person whose integrity is lived and not just talked about.

Terry Johnson

Spiritual and Life Consultations with over 11,000 people worldwide

Ragnhild Nilsen

I have come to know Nina as a very inspiring person with a lot of knowledge around Feng Shui and a lot of smile. She came to my house in Oslo some years ago – to do some energetic work on it. I was amazed how she analyzed and treated it, and at the same time taught me some ground-braking energetic rules around furniture, space and tidiness in a room.

Ragnhild Nilsen

Executive coach, writer and public speaker, Norway

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