A step-by-step guide to an organized home and a peaceful mind.

“The Yoga of DeCluttering is an original approach to implementing the practical and energetic principles of Feng Shui into the home. In this ground breaking book Nina assigns one of the body’s seven energy centres known as chakras with each room in the house. This book serves as a bridge between our inner world to the outer world of our home.”

Caroline Myss (Author of 7 NYT Bestselling Books)

This book is not about creating the perfect home…

It is about enlightening you on what you keep in your home that holds you back from your True Nature and being uniquely you.

Clutter is not just about the physical mess around you. The Yoga of DeCluttering will show you what stands between you and living your life from your deepest aspirations. All of your small and big decisions have created the clutter that surrounds you. If you wish to create something new, you need to choose differently.

Sound difficult? No reason to panic! I have been where you are now and developed a system that shows you how to create a decluttered life in alignment with your True Nature. The longest journey starts with one small step in the right direction.

“An inspiring book that helps you create a peaceful home. It includes practical assignments and step-by-step instructions, showing you how to complete the task of decluttering. The book guides you on your journey towards a more organized and happy life. I would definitely recommend it!”
Trude Kjetil

“This book is amazing! It gave me the inspiration to start cleaning. Following the guidelines made it easy for me to not give up halfway through. It led to both a decluttered house and mind. It gives room for new experiences.”

Rita Mandal

“An inspiring and practical book that has an exciting point of view and an eye for detail.”

Heidi Felle

“It is a book about decluttering your home and yourself, with your values, thoughts and feelings. This book has more depth than other books about decluttering as it discusses people and not just the clutter around them.”

Laila Nilsen

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I’m Nina Wolther, a feng shui-expert and a guru at decluttering. From my experience working in hundreds of homes in the US, Europe and Asia I have observed that people tend to struggle with the same sort of problems. Simply put – we own too many things. This includes physical objects as well as those items  on our never-ending to-do list. Too many things  disrupts the flow in our lives.

We don’t need more to be happy, we need less. 

If you start getting rid of everything that  you don’t need, you create space for what  gives you vitality. This book shows you the secret to leading a more simple life. A life in which you have  more of what you love and less of what you do not love.  In living simply you can live with more peace in your life.    

The Yoga of Decluttering is magical.

It goes deeper than just discussing the physical clutter we are surrounded by. It provides you with an understanding about yourself and your home.

I now understand how the state of my home is linked to the person I am – and the book gave me the tools to work on this.

The book does not just discuss the basics of decluttering, it also helps you from within, all the way down to your soul, where it cleans and removes everything that does not make your life better. 

Gun-Helen Øye

Social anthropologist/ trend spotter

The sum of all the choices you have made has led to a cluttered and overpacked life. If you want to create something new, you need to make different choices. And it all starts with you being willing to take care of you, by giving  yourself the gift of a tidy home and a clear mind. 

Your home is an extension of your body. Therefore, the same chakras (energy centers)  that are present in your body are also present in your home. Each room in your home is related to a chakra and an area of your life.  The Yoga of DeCluttering provides you with a self-reflective, integrated system of  Feng Shui, space clearing, decluttering,  chakra-balancing and inspirations from the ancient scriptures of yoga.

If you want to create lasting changes, you need to work from the inside out. I can teach you the best organizing system, but if you don’t change the habits that created “too-much” in your life, the clutter will return.  The house doesn’t get messy by itself!  In choosing to act from a new perspective you will feel as if the house is decluttering itself!  

The book was truly eye opening.

The book was truly eye opening.
The yoga of decluttering – what in the world?
I would consider myself a tidy person, who enjoys having clean and organized surroundings. Because of this I thought – why would I need a book about decluttering?

I felt joy from the  moment I opened Nina Wolther’s book. The format, layout, headers, illustrations, tasks and little stories all contributed to the amazing first impression I got.

The book was an eye opener for:

1)     A better understanding of how clutter affects us mentally.
2)    Tips and tricks that help create harmony around you- both mentally and physically.
3)    Motivation to begin your journey in self-development and decluttering.

And the yoga part? I have now learned that the word means union and that yoga is about creating balance in all areas of life. In decluttering my home with Nina’s book it  became obvious that my home plays an important role in creating balance in my life.

I would recommend this book to both the people who already enjoy organization and those who want to improve this aspect of their life.

Lene Fjellheim,

coach, foredragsholder, fasilitator.