It’s spring! The flower buds have begun to open and are starting to flower. To make the most of the dynamic new power of the spring, make sure there is ample room for it. It’s time to get out of winter mode, open up, and stretch toward the emerging sunlight. The flowers are waking up out in nature and new seeds are being planted. The days are long and full of sunlight (hopefully). The old Feng Shui masters respected and adapted to the seasons. If you want to live with harmony and balance, bring new fresh energy into your home now. While inviting the new energy, see if you can move parts of your life into nature in the next few months. Take part in the greatness that manifests itself day by day in nature. If you want abundance in life, remove what is not useful and make room for what is healthy and good. Start with a proper cleanup.

Here are six simple steps to take. 

#1. Tidy Up

Go through your home and remove whatever you see that doesn’t energize you. Put your exercise equipment out in plain sight. Bring your summer clothes to the front of your closet and put away the heavy sweaters and clunky boots. Deep clean the kitchen; especially the fridge. The food we eat is the energy that renews us. Discard what has expired and replace it with fresh, healthy food.

#2. Dust Underneath Furniture

Move sofas and chairs and dust underneath of them. Dust collects in stagnant spaces and creates stagnant energy. Moving and circulating energy brings health and prosperity to your life. Sweep or vacuum under your bed. Take a look in your own life here; is there anything stagnant? Create movement and circulation here, too. By just beginning to move the body, energy begins to flow. Start your day with a quick walk in the fresh air

#3. Wash the Windows

The windows are the eyes of the house and represent your perspective on life. Get clear with freshly washed windows. When you’re done, you can also wash the blinds and curtains. You’ll get a new view of life.

#4. Open Up to New Ideas

Go through bookshelves and see if you can donate or give away some of your books. Invite something new into your life. If you need inspiration, treat yourself to something new and exciting. Make sure you get rid of more than you bring back into your home. Go to the bookstore and see which books call out to you.

#5. Start the Day with Lemon Water

Spring is a ‘three’ season of energy in traditional Chinese medicine. In ‘three’ energy, the taste is sour. Eat green vegetables to refill with more ‘three’ energy. Start your day with a glass of lukewarm water with lemon, it cleans your body and wakes you in a soft, gentle way.

#6. Zen your internet life

Many of us are online almost all of our waking hours. Can you give your Social Media profiles a little refresh? Some new pictures and colors? There are probably a number of emails that can be deleted. Try to create some space in your schedule where you’re not available. This is an important time when you can have quiet time and not mix your energy with someone else’s. We need both quiet and active time. Most of us are much better at taking our active time seriously and “forgetting” that we need to keep it quiet sometimes.


Set an intention for the season. Perhaps you want to grow a herb garden or launch a creative project. Spend more time out in nature… or, just be. What if you created an intention that for every new thing you take into the house something else has to be discarded? Then you are guaranteed that your space will not get flooded with extra things. Thank you for reading my blog and thank you for sharing and help me to bring awareness into the world. Big hug from Nina

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